Arlo Pro 2 Review

We have analyzed hundreds of consumer reports, before buying Arlo Pro 2. According to our usage and real consumer reports, here is the honest Arlo Pro 2 Review by Best Review Prof. By the way, if you are looking for a cheaper version of the security camera system, you may check out our Arlo Pro Review.

Arlo Pro 2 (Amazon):

1080p HD Arlo Pro 2 gives you a chance to see everything that goes ahead at home in more splendid detail than any time in recent memory. That implies, if a gatecrasher were to break into your house, Arlo’s unmistakable video quality can enable you to all the more likely distinguish the suspect.

Arlo Pro 2 Review

arlo pro 2 review

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Arlo Pro 2 has the adaptability to go without wire because of its battery-powered battery, or remain connected to control. At the point when connected to an indoor electrical plug, you open your surveillance camera’s propelled highlights, similar to Activity Zones and discretionary day in and day out Continuous Video Recording.

There are two noteworthy points of interest of a committed base station. The first is essentially more effective administration of remote correspondence with the cameras. The Arlo Pro 2 base station interfaces with your switch specifically by means of Ethernet, at that point communicates its own particular Wi-Fi flag to any associated camera. Despite movement on your home system, it guarantees the cameras get the transmission capacity they require. It has the extra advantage of essentially expanding battery life: Depending on the level movement, a camera can keep going as long as a half year.

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The base station additionally includes highlights that would be hard to introduce on the cameras themselves. It incorporates a 100 or more decibel alarm (about as uproarious as a smoke caution) and offers two USB ports for associating outside hard drives for nearby reinforcements. Of course, a few cameras have MicroSD cards for neighborhood recording, yet an incorporated hard drive, notwithstanding having considerably bigger limit, can store film from numerous cameras in a single place. Likewise, while a surveillance camera could be stolen by a thief (possibly taking the implicating proof with him), the base station and appended drive could be secured a protected area.


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Get security where you require it most, to watch over what you adore the most. The IP65-affirmed Arlo Pro 2 is climate impervious to stand look for you from anyplace. Inside or out, no matter what.

1080p HD

Watch and record fresh HD video in more detail than any other time in recent memory.

Movement and Sound Detection

Get moment notices sent to your cell phone or email.

2-Way Audio

Listen in and talk through the camera from your cell phone.

Night Vision

Turns on naturally in low light so you can see obviously, even oblivious.

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Free Cloud Storage

Keep a moving 7 long stretches of movement and sound-activated accounts for nothing.

Nearby Backup Storage

Connect a USB drive to the base station to store caught film.

Brilliant Security Siren

Embedded in the base station, the 100+ decibel shrewd security alarm can be controlled from anyplace.

Plays Well With Others

Works with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, SmartThings and Stringify.

130° Viewing Angle

Wide-edge PIR movement sensor ensures no development sneaks past without take note.

3-Second Lookback

Catch action 3 seconds before an activated occasion so you’ll generally comprehend what happened, from beginning to end. Accessible when connected to and utilized inside.

Action Zones

Feature zones in your camera’s view where you need to get movement and sound cautions. Accessible when connected to and utilized inside.


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Given the base unit are two oval formed white cameras, looking like goliath eggs. Completely waterproof (IP65 rating), these can be mounted inside or outside utilizing the exceptionally solid, attractive mounts included. Then again, they can be unattached on a bookshelf or kitchen work-surface.

On the base of every camera is a little speaker and mouthpiece for two-way sound while at the best are two attentive catches. One of these is to synchronize the camera with the base station, alternate opens up the back of the unit to uncover the Lithium Ion battery.

Arlo Pro 2 VS Other Arlo Cameras

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Searching for an expert quality surveillance camera set up for your property? At that point the Arlo Pro 2 is certainly worth considering. The cameras are determinedly assembled and fit for recording completely clear HD video, it’s only a pity the base station is unwieldy to set up, and the underlying expense is so high.

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