Cuisinart DFP-14BKSY Review

We analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews from the online shopping stores. After all, we decided to buy Cuisinart DFP-14BKSY. According to our detailed usage of this food processor, here is the detailed honest Cuisinart DFP-14BKSY report. You’ll get deep info about Cuisinart DFP-14BKSY on this review.

Cuisinart DFP-14BKSY (Amazon):

Cuisinart DFP-14BKSY makes cooking for swarms simple and quick with the Custom 14 Cup Food Processor. Produced using brushed hardened steel, this smooth kitchen workhorse is a breeze to utilize and will buzz through prep and cooking easily. Regardless of whether you are making a weeknight feast or an end of the week festivity, the substantial limit work bowl will hold everything as the 720 watt engine makes fast work cleaving entire foods grown from the ground, destroying cheddar, or manipulating mixture. Moreover, there are 5 color options of the Cuisinart’s food processor.

First Verdict

Cuisinart dfp-14bksy review

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A nourishment processor is such a supernatural gadget. You can get things done with it that are difficult to manage without it!

You can utilize it to “crush” meat, in this manner sparing staple cash. You’ll never again battle with uneven tomato/onion/potato cuts. Children (and kitchen-fiasco life partners) can work it without issue insofar as they’re sufficiently skillful to not cut themselves. Security includes its absolutely impossible you’re getting a body part anyplace close to those sharp edges while they’re running, simply utilize good judgment when taking care of them. It’s dishwasher safe, yet additionally madly simple to hand-wash (no cleft for nourishment to stow away in). Custom made salsa, spaghetti sauce, salsa verde, and 100 different things are doltish simple to throw together with this doing practically everything. The shredder connection will spare your knuckles from the case shredder of fate. It’ll last you for all intents and purposes perpetually, and will influence you to need to attempt nourishments you’ve never made, on the grounds that you can.

Get it, cherish it, slash everything in locate.


Cuisinart DFP 14BKSY Custom 14 Cup Food Processor review

I’ll say that this food processoe is unbelievably quiet! I never had a sustenance processor so I figured it would be some place in the scope of a blender in commotion, yet it’s about where I heard in the recordings. Living in a flat I am extremely happy I got this unit, however I have none to contrast it with.

With respect to the genuine utilization of this item, that is likewise stunning. I presently can’t seem to utilize anything other than the cutting edge part and basically have utilized this as a blender, I had some good times with it(oddly enough), you could transform most anything into a glue if necessary. I didn’t need to do much rearranging around of the stuff being prepared, numerous things needn’t bother with it by any stretch of the imagination. When I was “ricing” up broccoli and cauliflower I had to rearrange it around a bit to get the bigger pieces to get prepared yet it was insignificant and simple to do.

Cuisinart DFP-14BKSY (Amazon):


  • 14 Cup Work Bowl with Handle
  • 720 watt engine
  • Work Bowl Cover with Extra Large Feed Tube
  • Expansive Pusher and Sleeve Assembly
  • Little Feed Tube and Pusher
  • Hardened Steel Standard Slicing Disk (4mm) and Medium Shredding Disk
  • Hardened Steel Chopping/Mixing Blade
  • Separable Disk Stem
  • Spatula
  • Direction/Recipe Book
  • Full 5-year Motor Warranty
  • Constrained 3-year Warranty on Entire Unit
  • BPA Free

Clean Up

Cuisinart DFP 14BKSY Custom 14 Cup Food Processor

The most imperative thing to me is cleanup. There truly is an insignificant measure of cleaning for this, no niches or corners that things stall out in and a brisk wash out accomplishes all that anyone could need to get things got out. I’ve washed in the dishwasher twice now despite everything it looks new which I was entirely anticipated that would not be the situation in light of the fact that the plastic feels like the crappy plastic of most different things


  • LWH: 11.00″ x 7.90″ x 14.80″
  • UC Weight: 17.30lb
  • UC Cubic Feet: 1.00
  • UC LWH: 12.50″ x 9.25″ x 15.00″
  • MC Quantity: 1
  • MC Weight: 18.50lb
  • MC Cubic Feet: 1.14
  • MC LWH: 13.00″ x 9.75″ x 15.63″


cuisinart food processor review

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I am discovering this machine simple to deal with and a delight to have in my kitchen. It’s anything but difficult to work. I currently have a vibe for how to embed and change the circles, so it truly has been a straightforward yet exceptionally productive machine. I very prescribe.

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