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EMFIT QS – Under Mattress Sleep Tracker with HRV Review

EMFIT QS - Under Mattress Sleep Tracker with HRV

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as of May 13, 2021 06:35


  • SLEEP BETTER AND STAY HEALTHIER – What you measure you can manage better, same goes with sleep and recovery. Better sleep means huge benefits where you’ll stay healthier, reduce stress, maintain healthy body weight, and lower the risk of health problems.
  • PERFORM AT YOUR BEST - Emfit QS gives you a detailed description of your sleep quality and progression of recovery. Armed with this information will enable you to make well-educated choices for daily workouts, meetings and other important events.
  • PREFERRED CHOICE FOR ATHLETES - The only contact-free health and sleep monitor that can provide whole night HRV for recovery and readiness analysis. The best for athletes along with people who like to follow their daily load and nightly recovery.
  • EASY TO SETUP AND USE – Nothing to wear and no need to turn the device on and off. Just slip the ultra-thin sensor under your mattress. Emfit QS automatically starts measuring, and data will be available for deep insight from any device with browser.
  • ACCURATE - Measures heart and breathing rate (highly accurate, clinically validated), heart rate variability, sleep cycle, movement activity, time in sleep and in bed. Data is available in the web application with any pc, tablet or mobile device browser.

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