Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Review

Most of the time, we have been analyzing hundreds of consumer reviews of products from the online shopping stores.If the reviews are positive, we decide to buy the product. Moreover, another item has attracted our attention, so we bought Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker. According to our detailed, analyzed and long time usage of this activity tracker, here is the honest Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Review.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Review

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Usage Experience

Screen sensitivity: what works extremely well for me is to tap delicately on the genuine band ideal underneath the show screen (not on the screen itself). My tracker is extremely responsive tapping along these lines and spares you from destroying your finger.

Band issues: IT GETS BETTER from the initial couple of times. The band needs time and you require rehearse, that is all. I find that painstakingly adjusting, at that point jabbing my pointer under and between the metal sticks and squeezing/squeezing works awesome, with training it takes perhaps 5 seconds with one hand.

Beginning adjusting: profoundly suggest setting up by means of the free Fitbit application through a telephone versus utilizing a PC and dongle. As a matter of fact finding the new tracker and preparing for gadget setup just took minutes (I’ve done it twice now for myself and a relative and the two times were simple).


fitbit alta fitness tracker vs fitbit alta hr

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I adore the new screen, it is flexible to scratches and the showcases are clear with significantly more show alternatives than the Charge HR (flat and vertical choices). On the off chance that you had the Charge HR you realize that it was hard not to get scratches on even that little screen, the Alta show is made of an alternate material and passages much better in regular daily existence as far as scratches.

  • Okay, now the screen itself, the screen shows up when I move my hand up to take a gander at the screen, at that point to tab through the screens everything I do is tap VERY softly on the band itself underneath the screen and it works without fail, no laggy issues and no damp with sweat effort.
  • I observe the Alta to be exceptionally responsive without expecting to tap hard.


For me when I did a few small tests, I found that the Alta checks when you’re holding stuff and not swinging arms but rather doesn’t tally when you’re stationary and doing work stuff at the work area.


Initial setup so extremely simple for me, I actually simply hit the include tracker catch by means of the Fitbit application, enter affirmation number that populates on the tracker and sit tight around 10 min for it to set up… without anyone else’s input.

I’ve seen that synchronizing is significantly quicker for the Alta than the Charge HR. I had such huge numbers of issues with the Charge where it would generally synchronize, at that point stop, at that point solidify, and I’d need to exit and complete a group of innovative stuff to make it work once more. No issues to date with Alta.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker (Amazon):

Features & Specs

  • Track steps, separate, calories consumed and dynamic minutes
  • See details and time with a splendid OLED tap show
  • Battery life up to 5 days (fluctuates with utilize and different components)
  • Naturally track to what extent and how well you rest, and set a quiet, vibrating alarmAutomatically track to what extent and how well you rest, and set a quiet, vibrating caution
  • Get call, content and timetable notices initially when telephone is adjacent
  • Customize with exchangeable metal, calfskin and exemplary groups (sold independently)
  • Fitbit does not ensure the quality or genuineness of items obtained from non-approved affiliates on Amazon, and they are not qualified for guarantee/substitution.
  • Approved Fitbit retailers:, Heart Rate Monitors USA and Clever Training

Batteries are Included


Are Batteries Required




Item Dimensions

1.61 x 0.61 x 1.3 in

Item Weight

0.8 ounces

Lithium Battery Packaging

Batteries contained in equipment

Lithium Battery Voltage

1 volt



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