Hatrigo Instant Pot Accessories 3 qt Steamer Basket Review

Most of the time, we have been analyzing hundreds of consumer reviews of products from the online shopping stores. If the reviews are positive, we decide to buy the product. Moreover, another item has attracted our attention, so we bought Hatrigo Instant Pot Accessories 3 qt Steamer Basket. According to our detailed, analyzed and long time usage of the best streamer basket for Instant Pot, here is the honest Hatrigo Instant Pot Accessories 3 qt Steamer Basket Review.

Hatrigo Instant Pot Accessories 3 qt Steamer Basket Review

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Usage Experience

I purchased this to update from my OXO steamer bin for use in my Instant Pot. Be that as it may, it is a great deal more!!! To begin with, it fits the IP 8 qt DUO impeccably. The silicone handle remains cool and the silicone feet shield it from sliding on the counter or scratching the pot. Not at all like the steamer container, you can without much of a stretch lift it out of the pot and not lose your sustenance or need to choose independently.

This is the ideal contraption for eggs and potatoes in the IP! Also, not any more endeavoring to unadroitly pour stock indgredients through a strainer – you simply lift the container and are left with only juices. The work is an incredible size. I purchased this for my IP yet officially utilized it to channel my elderberry syrup and I will fix it with cheesecloth for making Greek yogurt. I wish I would have seen this when I previously purchased my IP!

Finally, I requested a second bin which landed in the crate appeared in the photographs. Stuff occurs yet how an organization handles issues says a considerable measure in regards to them. Hatrigo reacted instantly and I had another container before I knew it! Astounding item and FABULOUS client benefit! Exceptionally prescribe.

Hatrigo Instant Pot Accessories 3 qt Steamer Basket (Amazon): https://amzn.to/2xjoMTa

Features & Specs

  • RUST-FREE WITH STURDY HANDLE: Did you realize that the other brand professes to utilize quality hardened steel yet their instapot bushel rusted? Putting your sustenance in a rusted container can be destructive to you and your child’s body. Their handle is deficient and flies out free while conveying sustenance. Envision everything that hot sustenance spilling all over you and potentially getting scorched. Absolutely UNSAFE! At Hatrigo, we just utilize the most noteworthy quality material and guarantee you and your child’s wellbeing and security is our best need
  • Specially crafted STEAMER BASKET TO FIT INSIDE THE INSTA POT: trusted by clients as appeared in the many 5-STAR surveys, we needed to plan moment pot extras that would make your cooking knowledge less demanding and productive. We outlined various size vegetable steamer container to accommodate your exclusively require, regardless of whether you have a moment pot duo60, DUO80, ULTRA, instantpot smaller than normal, LUX60 V3, or the Power Pressure Cooker XL, we have the correct size weight cooker frill for you to look over
  • MAKE PRESSURE COOKING FUN FOR YOUR KIDS: We urge you to attempt new formulas, (for example, bubbled eggs, chicken soup, vegetables, asparagus, meatloaf, and so forth.) and have some good times cooking with your family and children, that is the reason we composed the steamer bushel for moment pot with nourishment review silicone handle. Not at all like different brands, our handle is completely enclosed by silicone, from one end to the opposite end, to keep any consumes from lifting out the egg bushel from hot pots. Tried and endorsed by caught up with working mothers.

Product Dimensions

6.9 x 6.9 x 4.5 inches

Item Weight

6.4 ounces



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