Lampat Led Desk Lamp Review

We analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews from the online shopping stores. After all, we decided to buy Lampat Led Desk Lamp. According to our detailed usage of this desk lamp, here is the detailed honest Lampat Led Desk Lamp report. You’ll get deep info about Lampat Led Desk Lamp on this review.

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First Verdict

lampat led desk lamp review

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This lamp has several up/down levels of each type of light: relax, study and read. Bright LEDs are were a pleasant surprise and change from the regular lamp bulbs I was using. Makes for a different, happier reading experience. Light timer (60 min only) is a good feature. Well made – sturdy, yet not heavy. Base is solid and the lamp will not fall over. USB charger thingee is well place on the SIDE of the unit and not in front which gets my cable organizing blood boiling. I put my Kindle in front of the base for a great work session. Perfect box, shipping was excellent – all very well above avg. in the delivery category. These would be great as gifts for the holidays because they are priced so reasonably.

Light Performance and Usage

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There are 4 “Mode”s that are diverse LED’s inside the light that enact to create distinctive temperatures. For perusing/unwinding/dozing you’ll run hotter hues that are simpler for the eyes to loosen up a will be more rosy like a midwinter chimney. The investigation mode will be a more colder and whitish light like a splendid radiant day which will take into consideration more fresh detail in content overwhelming books. Each setting can be controlled with the +/ – catches and has 5 levels of shine you can switch between.

The base itself is most of the heaviness of the light. It has an impression around 7 crawls by 7 inches (17.5 cm) it has a grippy base so it shouldn’t slide around. It enables the upper arm to turn in around a 180 degree extend.

lampat led desk lamp amazon

The USB functions admirably enough to charge my telephone and is certainly advantageous for authorizing a PC USB. Capacitance catches are what controls the capacity of the light and they really work shockingly well (I ordinarily despise these sorts of catches) and are super responsive.

So it’s a splendid light that is really sensible in cost. In case you’re vacillating and require a light, look no further. On the off chance that I needed to think of a grievance about this, it is that its an extremely gleaming dark material, consequently a unique finger impression magnet. I don’t think its enough to take away from the estimation of the item, yet something to remember.

Lampat Led Desk Lamp (Amazon):

Setting Up

Out of the box the thing is truly simple to gather. You get 1. the foldable light arm, 2. the base, and 3. the power connector. Screw the base between the light arm and its top and blast! You have yourself a light.


  • Voltage: AC 100-240V information DC 12V 1.5A yield.
  • Driven: 27 LEDs, 3 lines 9 LED for each column. 2 external columns are white leds while the middle line is yellow driven.
  • Power utilization: 5-11W rely upon splendor
  • Lumen: 530LM (I expect at max shine)
  • Shading Temp: 2500-7000K
  • 4 modes:
  • (First Mode) Perusing: 4300~5300K (all yellow and white LEDs similarly on)
  • (Second Mode) Study: 6000~7000K (generally external column white LEDs w/minimal focus push yellow ones)
  • (Third Mode) Unwind: 4300~5300K (for the most part focus push yellow LEDs w/a little white LEDs)
  • (Fourth Mode) Rest: 2500~3300K (just focus push yellow LEDs enlighten)


lampat dimmable led desk lamp review

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There are sufficient splendor and temperature settings to make this work area light pragmatic for any situation, because of the many LED globules inside the arm. I have not utilized the clock highlight but rather I envision it would be useful in specific circumstances. The light sits on a non-meddlesome however moderately strong base, and this joined with the pivoted (and swiveling) arm implies that it can involve a little impression, ideal for work areas with restricted measures of room. The USB port as an afterthought is advantageous too to limit the quantity of divider plugs you use on the double. In general, the mechanics of the light capacity consummately and influence the outline to work in both shape and capacity.

We cherish the overwhelming base. Wasn’t anticipating that it should be such a decent weight so it won’t tip over. The brilliance levels are immaculate, covers every one of the levels one would require. Furthermore, it has a hour long clock should you nod off before turning it off. Exceptionally suggest. I utilize these at work since I can’t stand the glaring lights, which I have the upkeep people expel the knobs. At that point I simply utilize these LED work area lights.

Lampat Led Desk Lamp (Amazon):

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