Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Review

Most of the time, we have been analyzing hundreds of consumer reviews of products from the online shopping stores. If the reviews are positive, we decide to buy the product. Moreover, another item has attracted our attention, so we bought Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Self Cleaning Nozzle. According to our detailed, analyzed and long time usage of one of the best bidet attachments, here is the honest Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Review.

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Usage Experience

Let me simply begin by saying that this sat around my home for a considerable length of time preceding establishment since I imagined that it would take a hour or so to introduce and I figured I may keep running into pipes/similarity issues. I truly hadn’t taken a gander at the parts or establishment direct yet I didn’t have time since I am a single parent of four youngsters and I work more than full time with my own business.

Presently let me say that I couldn’t have been all the more off-base! It took one flexible torque and around 3 minutes (except for the time it took to clean around my latrine situate screws). It was simply unscrewing two or three existing associations and including a tee with one more association in with the general mish-mash.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Review

I bantered on whether to give this four or five stars in light of the fact that there is one major issue; in any case, it isn’t with the item itself yet with the super cold water temperature we have here in Michigan amid the winter. I most likely would have decided on the warm water rendition in the event that I had the heated water association somewhat closer at the same time, truly, we became acclimated to the chilly. After all…it just took seconds until the point that deadness set in. 😉

There was a fairly clever issue when I originally endeavored to turn it on. I couldn’t make sense of why the dilute was shooting straight into the bowl (no, I didn’t read the headings). After a couple of attempts, I understood it was on “spout cleaning” mode so I changed it to the “on” position. Let me simply say that it really is great that I was headed toward the side or my eyeball may have been taken out! When testing this thing, it would be a smart thought to either be perched on the bowl or have your hand over the spout region. I have appended a photograph for reference. Goodness, and coincidentally, the photograph demonstrates it on the most reduced setting.

We have had this introduced for fourteen days now and it has worked perfectly since establishment.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 (Amazon):

Features & Specs

luxe bidet neo 120 - self cleaning nozzle

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Neo 120 is a solitary spout, non-electric mechanical bidet connection that utilizations crisp water to decrease the utilization of bathroom tissues and increment cleanliness. Neo 120 is outfitted with a chromed water weight control handle that is exceptionally easy to use for youngsters and seniors. While utilizing, the spout dips under the watch door from the water weight and withdraws for sterile capacity when not being used. Neo 120 is exceptionally includes a creative self-cleaning sterile spout that streams new water straightforwardly over the spout.

  • Single Nozzle Design: The bidet includes a consistent wash spout that is clean and diminish the utilization of tissues.
  • Spout Guard Gate: The sterile spout watch door guarantees the bidet is constantly prepared for clean task. The protect entryway opens for access to the spout.
  • Helpful Nozzle Cleaning Feature: While the bidet is intended to keep the retractable spout clean, this model likewise has a cleaning highlight to completely flush the spout.
  • Initiate and Adjust Water Pressure Easily: The unpretentious control board includes a chromed handle that enables the client to enact and alter water weight. With obviously characterized settings, the bidet can without much of a stretch be worked by youngsters and the elderly. A second handle changes from wash to spout cleaning.

Cold Water Connection

Nozzle Guard Gate

Self-Cleaning Nozzle(s)

Value Construction

Metal-ceramic Valves

Cold Water Hose

Braided Metal Cold Water Hose

Color Options

Blue or White



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