Meiyatu Electric Bike Review

Most of the time, we have been analyzing hundreds of consumer reviews of products from the online shopping stores. If the reviews are positive, we decide to buy the product. Moreover, another item has attracted our attention, so we bought MEIYATU E-Bike. According to our detailed, analyzed and long time usage of one of the best e-bikes, here is the honest Meiyatu Electric Bike Review.

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Usage Experience

In the wake of opening the case, the bicycle was collapsed. Expelling the bike,I needed to unfurl it. Needed to put the handle bars on.Put somewhat more air in front tire.It has air in them. It likewise accompanied a bushel and two arrangements of keys.It has an alert on the key.And if the caution go off, it makes a noisy sound.And the e-bicycle was at that point charged when it came.It additionally accompanied pedals. Needed to put them on.The bicycle ride incredible and quick to. It have 3 rates, fog light and horn. Also it has a telephone case on it as well. You can even charge your telephone.

Meiyatu Electric Bike Review

Moreover, the bicycle is an eye catcher.People will gaze and point. Some would ask where did you get it? Children will tell their folks, I need that! What I detest was the stickers on the bike.I don’t realize what it is stating. Since it isn’t in English. The seat is difficult to sit on.Only on the off chance that you are accelerating with the engine off. Well I figure that is a piece of life. At any rate the bicycle is incredible.

  • Fork suspension and in addition raise outline suspension is uncommon in this value extend for e-bicycles (under $450). What we found is that when riding a littler bicycle like this one, the suspension truly has any kind of effect since knocks are extremely cruel without the suspension. For other minimized bicycles with tires littler than 16″, I can’t envision how awkward knocks transmit. Consider this when you are looking for e-bicycles with little tires.
  • Manual accelerating is accessible (basically don’t turn the key on the bicycle), and additionally pedal help (when the key is exchanged on, simply begin accelerating and after two or three turns, the engine will start softly helping)
  • Drive unit is exceptionally smooth and calm, and incorporates 3 speeds. The most astounding pace is very quick!
  • Strong development, feels like it is manufactured well. No squeaks or rattles yet.
  • Range is extraordinary, went for no less than 10 miles on one charge and appears as though there is still power left
  • Incorporates electronic horn and LED light
  • As a matter of fact incorporates an alert coxcomb and chirpy caution that will go off on the off chance that it is outfitted, and the bicycle is turned on
  • Folds smaller and fits in our Mini Countryman trunk

Meiyatu Electric Bike (Amazon):

Features & Specs

MEIYATU E-Bike review

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The E-Bike is a solid, lightweight, energetic high carbon steel encircled bike, worked with amazing standard segments. It’s efficient, quick, quiet, and amusing to ride. Regardless of whether you’re trekking down nation streets, riding on light trails or driving in the city, the bicycle will get you there instantly. The li-particle battery can be charged on the bicycle, or effortlessly evacuated for capacity or charging in your home, office, or in a hurry. It’s the most ground-breaking, road lawful, street bicycle for grown-ups or magnificent toy for kids.

  • 250-Watt fast engine 36V and 8Ah battery that charges in 4-6 hours.
  • Controlled by Lithium-particle battery , which has quality affirmation as in a general sense maintain a strategic distance from Battery blame and make the battery’s life longer than others.
  • Perfect for voyaging occasions and those with negligible capacity space,when you need to take our electric bicycle for occasion, you can travel light, simply overlap it and place it in the storage compartment.
  • 100% electric, sparing both your wallet and the earth.
  • You can change the single e-bicycle to Tandem effortlessly. You can get your child to the school rapidly without the congested road


  • Motor: Quiet, powerful, 250W motor
  • Battery: Lithium 36V 8Ah
  • Frame: High-carbon steel frame
  • Brakes: Front& Rear Disc Brake
  • Suspension: Front fork shock absorber system
  • Wheel: Front wheel&Rear wheel-12”
  • Range: 15-20Miles(25-30Km)
  • Max Speed:18MPH(25km/h)
  • Weight: 44 lb (20kg)
  • Max Loading: 330lb (150kg)

What’s in the Box?

  • E-Bike
  • Charger
  • User Manual
  • Basket

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