PS4 Pro Review

We analyzed hundreds of consumer reports, before to buy Playstation 4 Pro. According to our experiences on this game console, here is the our honest PS4 Pro Review.

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PS4 Pro Review

The PS4 Pro is Sony’s supercharged adaptation of the PS4. Not a valid cutting edge machine as far as highlights or strength, however a superior variation intended to hand out smoother outline rates, 4K pictures and high powerful range (HDR).

Discharged at the last part of 2016, it’s presently settled as Sony’s top of the line gaming console, with an amazing and developing library of recreations that utilization its additional graphical snort. The main issue for PS4 Pro is that it’s never again the beefiest super-comfort on the square. Microsoft’s Xbox One X has it beaten on crude CPU and illustrations execution. It has the ability to run numerous recreations at local 4K resolutions, where the PS4 utilizes cunning visual fraud to make something that intently looks like 4K.


ps4 pro review

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Of course, the biggest innovations that distinguish PS4 Pro from PS4 are in the hardware section. PS4 Pro features more powerful hardware and peripherals. According to Sony, the PS4 Pro delivers a performance boost of 30 percent compared to the PS4, with a 100 percent graphics processor.

The PS4 features a 1.6 GHz-frequency 8-core AMD Jaguar processor, while the PS4 Pro features a 2.1 GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar processor. The graphics side of the difference reveals: PS4 Pro’s graphics at the power of 4.2 TFLOP AMD Radeon is included.

However, we have a full 1 TB of storage space of the console. RAM, we see 8GB GDDR5 memory.

PS4 Pro also comes with the HDMI 2.0 standard. In PS4, this port was offered as 1.4. While the USB ports on the console are 3.1 standard, Bluetooth 2.1 to 4.0, Wi-Fi is updated to 802.11 AC.


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All PS4 games will work on both PS4 and PS4 Pro. So PS4 Pro will not be a special game. PS4 Pro owners will see the biggest difference with this console, compared to PS4 at the point of gaming performance.

With the help of the PS4 pro, the support of HDR and 4K, especially with the HDR and 4K capabilities of television and monitors of course finds life. If you are thinking about buying a console right now and have a 4K monitor or television in your home, the only choice should be PS4 pro. Why? Because with this console, you can view games at 30 and 60 fps in 4k, and at 60 fps in Full HD.

For example, when the Rise of Tomb Raider works at 30fps on the 4k, the number of frames increases to 60 if you prefer 1080p resolution. On the other hand, PS4 users only display this game at 1080p. Also Battlefield 1 4k’da 60 fps image is possible with PS4 Pro.

To fully understand the difference, it is important to try the same game side by side on both platforms. Not only does the PS4 PRO offer a resolution of 4K, but it is also possible to feel the difference even in Full HD resolution.

So, does PS4 PRO provide natural 4K support or upscale, IE, adaptive 4K display? Actually, they both exist. The support of the game content is important here. New games come with natural 4K support, while some of them are fully compatible with the PS4 Pro.

Currently 30 PS4 games have been updated to PS4 Pro. By the end of the year, 45 games will be added to this number.

Meanwhile, the new console will not be able to play physical 4K media because of the lack of Ultra-HD Blu-ray drive, but with services like Netflix and YouTube, it will give you a 4K experience.


playstation 4 pro review

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While we wouldn’t state the PS4 Pro’s outline totally duplicates the PS4’s, there are a huge amount of similitudes – the as a matter of first importance of which is the choice to keep the support a level parallelogram. At the point when Sony first disclosed the PS4 Pro, there were jokes that the framework felt like two PS4s stacked over each other, however the second you pull the framework from the case that perception turns out to be to a lesser degree a joke and a greater amount of the truth.

Contrasted with the first PS4’s 27.5 x 30 x 5.3 cm bundle, the PS4 Pro will take up more retire space – 29.5 x 32.7 x 5.5 cm (W x L x H), to be correct. Since it’s both more extensive and taller than the first PS4, you’ll most likely need to put the first over the Pro in the event that you anticipate keeping both. Similarly, it’s a reasonable piece heavier, as well. Be that as it may, except if you continually move your support starting with one house then onto the next, we can’t state the additional weight will be a monstrous migraine.

The framework is encased in a matte dark shell, like the one utilized on the PS4 Slim discharged in September 2016. Anyway this time around you won’t discover adjusted corners along the edges. The PS4 Pro is sharp in each feeling of the word.

ps4 pro specs

Another distinction is the silver PlayStation logo that sits in the focal point of the best surface that includes a decent pinch of tastefulness. Another change is the power link that the PS4 Pro uses a bulkier female connector to draw more power rather than the non specific two prong link Sony has customarily provided with each PS4.

On the front of the support, you may see that there are no touch-capacitive catches. Sony’s chosen to discard the clumsy cushions for a more customary catch that sits underneath the circle plate. The catch is produced using a kind of shabby plastic, which is terrifying, yet it does the activity regardless. The same is valid for the launch catch which sits in a similar spot on the correct side of the front face.


This system is very great. Load times are significantly speedier contrasted with unique ps4. Ensure you do have a television that is perfect with 4k/hdcp/hdr for full impact. Additionally take note of that the hdr include isn’t a framework based component, the diversion itself manages regardless of whether the framework will communicate 4k. The main grievance is that on the off chance that I switch between hdmi ports while the ps4 professional is still on, at that point return to the ps4 expert I encounter a static screen. From the exploration I have done this is expected to hdcp broadcasting through the hdmi. Make a point to utilize the provided hdmi link. Note this does not happens while playing the expert. Just if inputs are exchanged. By and large this is an incredible reassure.

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