Ryobi 40V Trimmer Review – RY40220

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Most of the time, we have been analyzing hundreds of consumer reviews of products from the online shopping stores. If the reviews are positive, we decide to buy the product. Moreover, another item has attracted our attention, so we boughtRyobi RY40220 40V Trimmer. According to our detailed, analyzed and long time usage of the best cordless trimmer, here is the honest Ryobi 40V Trimmer Review.

Usage Experience

I was searching for a weed eater to trim my 1/4 section of land slope I let the surveys steer me to the 80 amp dewalt rather and let me let you know on amazon it positions higher. It’s a bit of poo with super outline blemish weeds get in engine. It worked for around 15 minutes then passed on. RETURN! Presently on to my ryobi survey brought this home from HD popped the battery in and wacked my entire slope of weeds no issue. I tired out before the battery did. Enjoyed a reprieve popped the battery back on the charger and returned around a hour after lunch. Bam it was charged and I finished the errand my slope is all thorn and terrible field grass. This thing tore through everything!

Ryobi 40V Trimmer Review RY40220

Is it as ground-breaking as my gas weed eater…no not exactly but rather it’s ground-breaking enough for me and not any more battling with endeavoring to kick that gas one off or blending oil and gas and smelling the vapor and the commotion!

In the event that I would give this one thump it’s that it gets overwhelming however so does my gas one!

One more kudo for this present it’s substantially calmer and has loads of connection choices I got the additional brush shaper yet didn’t require it so may return it. This is a champ in my book and customer reports concurs!

  • Cutting force is fine – in the same class as the gas trimmer it supplanted.
  • Battery life 45 min is most likely sufficiently long and if not can be settled with another battery buy
  • I cherish the absence of commotion – implies I can trim at 5am if the sun is up without irritating neighbors
  • Worked superior to expected in “edger” mode.
  • Other than in forceful excess, never came up short on string amid a charge. In a perfect world you run out in the meantime you have to change the battery, they stop and address the two issues. On the off chance that you purchase the line in precut lengths, it’s simple. On the off chance that you get it in a spool, you can cut it somewhat more in case you’re running out too early.

Ryobi 40V Trimmer (Amazon): https://amzn.to/2MDbmqb

Features & Specs

Ryobi 40V Trimmer Review

RYOBI presents the new 40V X String Trimmer highlighting Gas-Like Power™, without the issue of gas and oil or the inconvenience of toting around an electrical rope. This ground-breaking trimmer highlights a REEL-EASY knock feed string head for quick and simple reloading and premium .080 in. turned double line for slicing through brush and thicker grass. RYOBI takes the 40V lithium-particle group of apparatuses to the cutting edge by presenting the principal cordless connection proficient framework with gas-like power.

Include the Expand-it cultivator, blower or even edger to the base shaft of the RYOBI 40V X String Trimmer power head and rapidly change your grass from congested to manicured. This variable speed trigger, flexible cutting width string trimmer keeps running off of the same 40V Li-particle battery as all other RYOBI 40V apparatuses. Regardless of whether you have one of the first 40V batteries or apparatuses from 2012 or are simply getting into the framework today, all RYOBI 40V batteries and devices are perfect with each other. Sponsored by a RYOBI multi year guarantee, turn into a piece of the gas-like power family with the RYOBI 40V X String Trimmer.

  • Grow It framework acknowledges widespread outside attachements
  • Gas-like power in a cordless powerhouse
  • REEL-EASY knock feed string head for quick and simple reloading
  • Variable speed trigger enables coordinating velocity to the application drawing out battery life
  • Flexible 13 – 15 in. movable cutting width

Cutting width

1,300 in

Item Dimensions

17 x 11 x 64.2 in

Item Weight

11.4 lbs

Power Source



40 volts

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