Sengled Element Color Plus Review

Most of the time, we have been analyzing hundreds of consumer reviews of products from the online shopping stores.If the reviews are positive, we decide to buy the product. Moreover, another item has attracted our attention, so we bought Sengled Element Color Plus. According to our detailed, analyzed and long time usage of this A19 Smart LED Light Bulb, here is the honest Sengled Element Color Plus Review.

Sengled Element Color Plus A19 Smart LED Light Bulb (Amazon):

Sengled Element Color Plus Review

Component Color Plus knobs are the straightforward method to include bright, keen lighting to your home, highlighting 16 million hues and a great many whites. Interface up to 64 knobs to a Sengled Element center point and appreciate brilliant light in any room. A center point is required to utilize Element Color Plus knobs; globules are likewise perfect with Samsung SmartThings.

Our Verdict

sengled element color plus review

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Throughout the most recent couple of months I have been searching for an approach to bring keen home shading lighting into my family unit. I have a SmartThings Hub, and I needed to include any lighting that I conveyed into the house to that center point. I have a solid tech foundation, so I completed a considerable measure of investigation into arrangements that required little work, and some that were throwing together extraordinary brilliant home items and administrations.

Philips Hue knobs were costly, and required an exclusive center points for the best quality. Sylvania globules seemed to have a 50-50 shot of being great, or aggregate waste. I was going to surrender and become tied up with the Philips globules, until the point when I saw that Sengled at last discharged shading knobs. Actually, I had just purchased a few lights from Sengled, and found that they were all of good quality. I ordinarily don’t purchase things with numerous surveys, however I chose to give this one a possibility.


sengled element color plus smart led light bulb review

  • A huge number of Colors for Any Mood or Activity

Remain centered with fresh sunlight at that point appreciate warm white light while unwinding. Or on the other hand select hued light to add more soul to donning occasions, occasions or gatherings.

  • Make Your Element with Tunable White or Colored Light

Effortlessly plan a domain that mirrors your identity by modifying hues, brilliance and light temperatures, from warm white to sunlight.

Sengled Element Color Plus A19 Smart LED Light Bulb review

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  • Utilize Voice or App to Control

Associate your center to Amazon Echo or Google Home and appreciate the comfort of without hands control.

  • Stir up to 64 Element Bulbs Per Hub

At the point when utilized with the Sengled Element center, control up to 64 Element globules (Classic, Plus, Color Plus and Touch) to light every room in your home.


Usage Experience & Conclusion

Sengled Element Color Plus Review

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I bought one bulb to test. And then, I acquired another intense in light of the fact that the first looked awesome. I envision that I will purchase numerous more in the coming months.

The shading quality is great, the brilliance is superb, and the setup was brisk and easy. I have single globule installations in my lobby that I needed to have the capacity to turn them sunlight white amid the day, a delicate white during the evening, and step by step acquire them to a diminish red the late night. These have fit that part superbly, and convey similarly as solid of light to the lobby as the old standard globules did.

My solitary grievance about these is that their joining with Alexa through SmartThings isn’t precisely flawless with regards to picking a few hues (e.g., “Alexa, lobby lights to red” gives me pink). Try not to let that frighten you off, however – the hues modify accurately through SmartThings, showing an incredible scope of hues, and I have possessed the capacity to program them into scenes impeccably.

In the event that it were not at the cost, I would rapidly arrange a few of these and supplant a significant number of the white and delicate light brilliant knobs that I have in the house with these. Until further notice, I’m glad to once in a while carry another one into the house- – which reminds me to simply ahead and purchase another at this point.

Sengled Element Color Plus A19 Smart LED Light Bulb (Amazon):

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