Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Review

The HD 280 PRO is a couple of shut, powerful stereo headphone that convey exact, straight solid proliferation with encompassing commotion constriction for basic observing applications. Ideal impedance guarantees all inclusive similarity, from home tuning in to studio checking. The space-sparing plan highlights collapsible, pivoting ear containers that are exceptionally agreeable to wear, regardless of whether utilized for extensive stretches of time.

We wrote the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Review, because this headphone is really popular in these days.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro (Amazon):

First Verdict

sennheiser hd 280 pro review

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The HD 280 Pro is Sennheiser’s most critical shut, around-the-ear earphone to be presented in years. Intended to surpass the requests of the expert condition, the HD 280 Pro flaunts amazingly strong development joined with the sound quality, measured outline and forceful commotion disconnection the important in the field. The interesting collapsible plan, joined with swiveling ear glasses, offers greatest adaptability in any application.


sennheiser studio headphones

A standout amongst other things about this headset is the commotion disconnection. We work in an office zone and the woman by me has no feeling of mindfulness, yet she’s super pleasant so we simply keep quiet. I required a few earphones to muffle her chiming in with her music when she has her earphones on, and to overwhelm her music when she chooses to take them off and wrench them up to attempt and utilize them as amplifiers. These carry out the activity. We likewise need to keep the music in so others don’t need to tune in to my music with me. These carry out the activity. We initially got a couple of V-MODA LP2’s, and they sounded incredible, yet released seem like a sifter. We returned them and ran with these and there is a huge improvement in such manner. We expect they will be incredible on a plane also.


sennheiser hd280pro review

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When you’re endeavoring to resolve the fine points of interest of your blend, there’s not a viable alternative for a decent arrangement of earphones. Sennheiser’s HD 280 Pro earphones give you precisely what you require: expressive lows, obvious mids, and centered highs. Furthermore, their generally level recurrence reaction gives you a chance to make vital EQ changes with certainty, realizing that what you hear through your HD 280 Pro earphones will make an interpretation of back to your studio screens and past.

One thing we have seen is that with a specific end goal to get the best bass reaction you have to keep them fixed against your head. When I wear my glasses with them it breaks that seal somewhat and the there is a detectable contrast in the bass reaction. We are anticipating building an earphone intensifier with a variable bass lift to endeavor to cure that (yes, we know they are industrially accessible yet we are modest and an electrical specialist). We likewise am not an immense fanatic of the hard mounted wound rope, yet we are additionally going to hack that off and introduce an inline 3.5mm jack, which ought to likewise enable me to purchase a link with iPhone controls on it. In any case, so far we are extremely content with these earphones.


  • High encompassing commotion lessening
  • Exact, straight stable multiplication
  • Delicate earpads for an agreeable fit
  • Collapsing and turning earcups for space-sparing transport
  • Intense, single-sided link

What’s in the box?

  • 1 pair of HD 280 PRO headphones
  • 1 screw-type adaptor to 1/4″


sennheiser hd 280 review

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These are extraordinarily agreeable for significant lots, and sound astounding. They appear to be durable as well. I like the accessibility of unique new parts (cushions, pads, link, and so on.). Earphones get bunches of wear, so decent to have the capacity to repair as opposed to supplant. The HD 280 Pro, which is a professional monitor headset, greatly reduces background noise with its indoor structure. The HD 280 Pro can remove very high levels of noise, especially in high-background environments, and can be safely used in the studio for monitoring and testing of audio devices.

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