The 9 Best Smoothie Blenders of 2018

There are thousands of smoothie blenders to buy. Therefore, we analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews to list the top blenders. After the detailed research and usage, here is the 9 Best Smoothie Blenders.

Best Blenders Reviews

1- Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender BL642 (Best Smoothie Blender)


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Nutri Ninja BL642 is the best smoothie blender. Ninja makes such a large number of variants of their blenders, you truly must be cautious in which one gives you the vast majority of what you are searching for and not every one of their extras are compatible. At the end of the day, I can’t utilize the container from my Pulse on my Duo, which I wish I could on the grounds that it’s smaller and accordingly simpler to hold. I wound up giving my girl the Pulse. The Duo is astounding, I wouldn’t delay acquiring it on the off chance that you intend to utilize it for making smoothies and different things that you require a blender for.

I’ve been making/drinking green smoothies now for 3 months. I utilize kale or collard greens (I softly steam and store in freezer…supposedly an excessive amount of crude can give you an excess of oxilate, I truly don’t have a clue, so some of the time I eat crude, once in a while steamed, now and then the powdered kale), an apple, green vegetable powder (different organizations make these superfood powders), blueberries, protein powder, lemon juice, carrot juice (obtained from a store), and once in a while a banana and or goat mineral whey.

Anyway, I thought I had male pattern baldness from my hashimotos, however subsequent to drinking these for 3 mos. my hair has become back. So my past male pattern baldness may have been because of absence of vitamins and minerals the manner in which nature proposed and not from a pill. Had I recognized what these sorts of nourishments could improve the situation me, I would’ve begun drinking these green smoothies quite a while prior. I never ate kale or collard greens, however when you blend them in your smoothie you scarcely know its there.

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2- Hamilton Beach (58149) Blender (Best Price Blender)

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Hamilton Beach 58149 is the best price blender according to it’s performance. Hamilton Beach Food Chopper Blenders make your mixing choices a stride further, giving you a chance to mix in the bigger limit jug or change over to an advantageous chopper. Outfitted with ground-breaking mixing and cleaving cutting edges, each adaptable Food Chopper Blender offers great outcomes from the principal bunch to the last.

On the off chance that you cherish flavorful smoothies, shakes or frosty beverages, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender is the apparatus you require in your kitchen. Controlled by a 700 watt crest control, this blender makes brisk work of pounding ice and mixing solidified natural product, abandoning you with delectable solidified beverages whenever you want.

It’s simple. Simply include the fluid, trailed by alternate fixings and mix. With 12 mixing capacities, you’re certain to locate the correct setting for a rich milkshake or solidified daiquiri. It can likewise throw together sauces, dressings and purees. The licensed Wave-Action framework attempts to ceaselessly maneuver blend down into the cutting edges for smooth outcomes.

Hamilton Beach (58149) Blender (Amazon):

3- Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

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Enchantment Bullet’s most great Nutrition Extractor offers the most elevated supplement extraction proportion so you get the most out of the sustenances you are eating. NutriBullet Nutrient Extractors are particularly designed to separate the cell dividers of entire sustenances to make the most supplement thick smoothies conceivable.

  • Great Motor with Hands-Free SMART Technology: 1700-Watt engine separates the hardest elements for the silkiest smoothies, soups and more.
  • Bother Free Cleanup: Simply wash the edge with cleanser and water, and the glasses are top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Warming Function for Soups and Sauces: Make adjusted dinners with idealize sustenance for occupied ways of life in short order.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender (Amazon):

4- Cosori Smoothie Blender

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This appears as though it will be an incredible blender on the off chance that one issue gets settled. It is sensibly intense and I like the interesting six cutting edge outline. The “on” setting is ground-breaking and turns off following one moment. The programmed setting is discontinuous and doesn’t keep running as quick. I kills after around 45 seconds. The beat is the thing that you would expect, and all the setting have a continuous “delicate” start up, which I like. It accompanies two 32 oz. compartments which will mix 24 oz max. There is one 24 oz. holder which will mix 12 oz. max. I wish it accompanied two little compartments and one huge rather than the a different way.

  • High-torque ground-breaking base houses a 800W engine with 23,000 RPM. Pummels organic products, vegetables, nuts and easily smashes 1/2 inch ice 3D squares right away.
  • The removable premium treated steel cutting edges are composed and designed to get the most reliable and satiny outcomes inevitably. The simple to-utilize 3-catch interface (Start/Stop, Auto, and Pulse) is utilized for various applications and mixes.
  • The blender is UL Certified and utilizes non-poisonous BPA free materials. Its programmed overheat assurance guarantees wellbeing and expands the lifetime of the blender. All adornments and the removable cutting edge get together are dishwasher safe.
  • The individual fast blender accompanies the greater part of the basics for you to begin: Storage Lid, Travel Lid, 2 x 32oz Containers, 24 oz Container, Cleaning Brush& Recipe Book.

Cosori Smoothie Blender (Amazon):

5- Vitamix Professional Series 750 (Best Professional Smoothie Blender)

The 6 Best Blenders for Beans

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If you are running a cafe, restaurant or something else, Vitamix Professional Series 750 is the best smoothie blender for you. Five pre-customized settings guarantee straightforward cleaning, leave comfort, and steady outcomes for smoothie, solidified pastry, soup, and purée formulas. The variable speed control effectively modifies speed to accomplish an assortment of surfaces. The dial can be turned anytime amid the mix, so you’re in entire control.

  • 64-ounce low-profile holder: The 64-ounce Low-Profile Container makes it simple to process huge clusters while fitting under most kitchen cupboards.
  • Blade: At minimum twelve modest points of interest go into the plan of it’s flying machine review, solidified hardened steel edges. All to give you the most ideal morning smoothie.
  • Cool-running engine: It’s engine keeps up even torque and cool temperature to reliably convey the power you have to process any fixing.
  • Hot soup without a stove: Make steaming-hot soup without a stove—in less than 10 minutes. The grating from our cutting edges gives you a chance to convey soup to serving temperature, right in the holder.
  • Solidified treats in short order: Create chilled sweets—simply add solidified fixings to your machine and you’ll be appreciating dessert, natural product sorbet and more like a flash.
  • Granulate nuts, espresso and that’s only the tip of the iceberg: Homemade nut margarine has never been less demanding or more scrumptious. Vitamix machines have the ability to granulate your most loved nuts into scrumptious nut spread, transform espresso beans into ground espresso, and that’s just the beginning.
  • Blend players and mixture: Quickly and effortlessly blend hitters for hotcakes, waffles, treats, biscuits, crêpes, and cakes. Vitamix machines can likewise massage thick bread and pizza mixture.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 (Amazon):

6- KitchenAid KSB1570ER 5-Speed Blender

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A vigorous engine, remarkable one-piece, 56-ounce BPA-Free pitcher, hardened steel cutting edges and electronic controls consolidate to make a ground-breaking movement that is quick and intensive for outstanding mixing results. Furthermore, Intelli-Speed Motor Control detects substance and keeps up ideal speed to control through all fixings.

  • Intelli-Speed Motor Control: The Intelli-Speed Motor Control detects substance and keeps up ideal speed to control through all fixings.
  • 5 Speeds/Crush Ice/Pulse Mode: Stir, slash, blend, puree or liquify. Heartbeat mode works with all rates for stunned mixing, while the pulverize ice include beats at exact interims for ideal ice squashing results.
  • Delicate Start Feature: The Soft Start Feature begins the engine at a slower speed to maneuver sustenance into the sharp edge at that point rapidly increments to the chose speed setting.
  • Steel-Reinforced Coupler: Steel-Reinforced Coupler gives immediate, proficient power exchange from the engine straightforwardly to the cutting edge for strong mixing. The coupler is covered for calm activity.

KitchenAid KSB1570ER 5-Speed Blender (Amazon):

7- Willsence Smoothie Blender

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In case you’re searching for a solitary serve blender that can separate the entire products of the soil into a smooth, drinkable smoothie, this is the best close to home blender for you. One catch task and the great 300-watt engine can without much of a stretch handle natural product and nuts, espresso beans and flavors. It accompanies 1*20-ounce travel glass and furthermore accompany two edges for cleaving and crushing, and every one of the containers and tops are produced using break safe, dishwasher-safe, without bpa plastic. Sheltered and simple to clean.

  • 300W pure cooper powerful motor
  • 24000rpm high speed
  • Overheat shut-off protection
  • One button operation
  • 1*Stainless steel 4-tip blade for blending
  • 1*Stainless steel 2-tip blade for grinding
  • 1* 20 oz BPA free sports bottle
  • Voltage: 110V–120V

Willsence Smoothie Blender (Amazon):

8- Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender (58163)

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It is difficult to win lasting habitation on the ledge. In any case, with numerous capacities that should all be possible on a similar base, the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Blender has the adaptability to be a backbone on yours. Not exclusively does this 700-watt crest control blender accompany a 40 oz. glass shake and a 20 oz. travel jolt, it additionally incorporates a sustenance preparing pack for slashing, cutting and destroying an assortment of nourishments.

Regardless of whether it’s milkshakes for the family, a breakfast smoothie to-go, or new pico de gallo, you can appreciate multi-work with little exertion or chaos – the bigger jug’s simple pour gush is intended to dispense with trickles. Furthermore, the containers, covers, bowl and cutting edges are dishwasher ok for simple tidy up. The licensed Wave-Action framework attempts to constantly maneuver blend down into the sharp edges for reliable outcomes when you mix.

  • 3-in-1 blender with food processor and travel jar
  • Blend, ice crush, mix, chop, slice & shred with ease
  • 700 watt peak-power motor
  • Wave~Action System
  • 40 oz. dishwasher safe glass jar
  • 20 oz. BPA-free travel jar and leak-proof lid
  • Food processing kit included
  • 3 cup, BPA-free processing bowl
  • Chopping s-blade
  • Shredding/slicing disc

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender 58163 (Amazon):

9- Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

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Oster Blenders are interestingly composed with Legendary Duralast All-Metal Drive which guarantees enduring quality and execution, outliving contender plastic drive frameworks by a long shot. The Oster All-Metal drive framework is Life tried to mix up to 10,000 smoothies and is supported by a 10-year guarantee.

Highlights a ground-breaking 600-watt engine and a hardened steel ‘Ice Crusher’ sharp edge for impeccably pulverized ice without fail. The turning around engine interchanges the sharp edges forward and in reverse, drawing sustenance and ice down for reliably smooth mixing.

  • Oster 10 Year All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty
  • 3 Year Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Smart Settings with Backlit Display
  • 1000 Power Watts with 7 Speeds
  • Dual Direction Blade Technology – Always a Perfect Consistency
  • 6 Cup Glass Jar

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender (Amazon):

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