Thermacell Patio Shield Review

Most of the time, we have been analyzing hundreds of consumer reviews of products from the online shopping stores. If the reviews are positive, we decide to buy the product. Moreover, another item has attracted our attention, so we bought Thermacell MR-9W Patio Shield Cambridge Mosquito Repeller. According to detailed, analyzed and long time use of this one of the best repellents, here is the honest Thermacell Patio Shield Review.

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Usage Experience

We utilize this one at our home. We have a secured open air zone and a firepit, so we’re out there a great deal in the mid year. Issue being, I am skeeter goad. They cherish me. I can be out for 20 minutes and have 10 chomps. They decimate me. What’s more, none of the splashes or other lamp compose bug-aways appear to work.

Thermacell MR-9W review

This one, however?! Gracious, YES!!! I don’t get a solitary nibble. You just “light” the butane part, and a little smoke drifts out from the bug spray cushion. What’s more, your night is magnificent. The main thing you should recollect is to change the cushions when they turn white. They don’t have any more “juice” when they’re white and they don’t work at that point. Furthermore, when they don’t work… it’s bug focal once more!

You will love this. Goodness, and it works without the batteries, they’re simply to make the light sparkle, which we needn’t bother with. In this way, we don’t utilize them.

Thermacell Patio Shield (Amazon):

Features & Specs

thermacell mosquito repellent review

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The Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Lanterns successfully repulse mosquitoes by making a 15 x 15-foot zone of insurance of without bug comfort. Their surrounding light and beautifying configuration splendidly decorate your deck, campground, or porch. The way to making Thermacell’s remarkable 15 x 15-foot zone of assurance is allethrin. All gadgets work on a solitary fuel cartridge, which warms an anti-agents tangle discharging allethrin, an engineered duplicate of the characteristic anti-agents found in chrysanthemum blossoms.

Thermacell Patio Shield Review

Thermacell Lanterns offer for all intents and purposes smell free vermin assurance without the issue of scented salves or splashes.

  • Perfect for utilize while you are planting, watching outside brandishing occasions, and sticking around the lawn, Thermacell Lanterns have been assessed by the EPA for security and viability.
  • Their lightweight, cordless and convenient plan enables you to take them with you on any trip or experience.
  • Has no open flares.
  • Works on a solitary fuel cartridge (included).
  • Incorporates: 1 reusable Mosquito Repellent Lantern, 1 Fuel Cartridge (endures up to 12 hours), 3 creepy crawly repellent tangles (every last up to 4 hours).
  • Mosquito Repellent Refills sold independently.
  • Porch Lantern, Outdoor Lantern and Bronze Lanterns accessible to suit each open air require.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Thermacell items.

Model Number


Light Source

4 LEDs

Protection Area

15 x 15 ft


7.5 in

Enclosed Frame


4 AA

Product Design

Decorative look

Other Features

Wrought iron look

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