Zmodo Greet Pro Review

Most of the time, we have been analyzing hundreds of consumer reviews of products from the online shopping stores.If the reviews are positive, we decide to buy the product. Moreover, another item has attracted our attention, so we bought Zmodo Greet Pro. According to our detailed, analyzed and long time usage of this smart video doorbell, here is the honest Zmodo Greet Pro Review.

Zmodo Greet Pro (Amazon):

Zmodo Greet Pro Review

This new 1080p keen doorbell keeps your home secured and ensures you never miss another guest.

Our Verdict

zmodo greet pro review

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You can see, hear, and address your guests on your cell phone, regardless of whether you’re at home or in a hurry. Advise the conveyance man to abandon the bundle, avert potential thieves searching for an unfilled home by noting your entryway from wherever you are. With 1080p HD video, keen movement discovery, and continuous cautions, it resembles you’re at home, notwithstanding when you’re definitely not.


zmodo greet pro vs ring

  • PIR Motion Sensor

Zmodo Greet Pro keen video doorbell is furnished with wide-point PIR sensors, it recognizes developments and enacts ready notices in a flash. False alarms, similar to trees influencing in a breeze, will likewise be counteracted.

  • More astute Motion Detection

Not exclusively does this remote video doorbell give exact alarms and short video cuts when movement has been distinguished, you can even tweak the movement recognition zones for much more exactness.

  • Multiple Users

Share your device with family members, so that multiple users can receive alerts and calls.

  • On-Demand Access

Access the camera feed anytime from the app.

  • Mobile Push Alerts

Receive instant alerts on your mobile device when motion is detected.

  • See Your Whole Porch

With a 180° horizontal angle of view, you can digitally pan to see your visitor no matter where they’re standing.

  • View in 1080p HD

See every detail in crisp high definition, so that you never miss anything important.

  • Certified for Outdoor Use

Never worry about your unit being damaged by heat, humidity, rain, sleet, or snow. It is designed for outdoor use.

zmodo greet pro doorbell review

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  • 1080p Full HD Non-quit Monitoring

On-request live view gives you a 1080p perfectly clear picture of home on your cell phone. Night-vision settings enable you to turn on, off, or alter the affectability of your night-vision so you can get the ideal photo of your home, day or night.

  • Cloud Service

Cloud benefit is engaged by meShare. All movement cut alarms are spared to meShare Cloud for nothing for 36 hours. With cloud benefit, you can survey, modify, spare, share the recording, or have a flashback of throughout the day points of interest in only couple of moments. meShare Cloud is anchored with bank-level AES 256-piece encryption and Transprot Layer Security (TLS).


Usage Experience & Conclusion

zmodo greet video doorbell review

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I have attempted a few diverse home doorbell items and this one has unquestionably worked out the best for me. One of the items required a walky-chatty style discussion that was certainly akward to utilize. I additionally attempted 2 different items from a main organization including one that had the word PRO on it and I invested a ton of energy and cash endeavoring to have that one work accurately, however it never did. I have additionally attempted the most recent and most prominent face acknowledgment doorbell and tragically enough it goes disconnected which my other 3 keen doorbells never did with my present setup.

The Zmodo Greet Pro has better video quality, 20 outlines for each second, than alternate items I attempted. The sound is boisterous and clear and the framework has been trustworthy.

I introduced it in around 20 minutes. The directions were anything but difficult to take after which made establishment simple. Writing computer programs was additionally simple to take after and program. I get cautions when bundles get conveyed and the sensor works exceptionally well since it grabs individuals strolling their canines around 15-feet away. The doorbell works extraordinary and haven’t had any issues. I had requested the Ring framework yet it work, so I needed to arrange additional parts which made it hard to interface. I returned it and requested this Zmodo Doorbell master framework. Simple to introduce and program. I wound up requesting video observation cameras and they where additionally simple to introduce and program. I prescribe this item.

Zmodo Greet Pro (Amazon):

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